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This section of our website contains various resources/strategies to help departments in their efforts to recruit diverse individuals to work at UW Oshkosh.

Recruiting & Maintaining a Diverse Workforce

Key Steps:

  • Cast a wide net when searching for prospective employees
  • Keep in mind that networking is the most effective way to recruit and hire diverse candidates
  • Actively network among communities representing the full spectrum of diversity
  • Develop partnerships with professional organizations and other sources where diverse candidate pools exist
  • Post jobs with web sites and publications targeted at underrepresented communities
Research on Bias and Assumptions

We all like to think that we are objective scholars who judge people solely on their credentials and achievements, but copious research shows that every one of us has a lifetime of experience and cultural history that shapes the review process.  The results from controlled research studies demonstrate that people often hold implicit or unconscious assumptions that influence their judgements. Recognizing biases and other influences not related to the quality of candidates can help reduce their impact on your search and review of candidates.

  • We encourage all search committee members to take an online Implicit Association Test (IAT) to investigate the extent to which social stereotypes that are pervasive in our society can influence their own unconscious thought and actions.

Equal Opportunity & Access

Securing equity and fairness at UW Oshkosh.