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ATLAS Awareness Training for Leadership Advancement Series

  A.T.L.A.S. Guest Lecture

Respect in the Workplace

Facilitated by: Michelle White-Godinet 

Michelle White-Godinet is an experienced investigator, certified mediator and trainer with more than 20 years of experience developing programs that address the needs of residential and workplace communities. Michelle has conducted training for police and probation officers, district court personnel, university faculty, staff, and students.

After working as a Supervising Probation Officer for the City of Manhattan, Kansas municipal court and as a Deputy Probation Officer for San Diego County (CA), Michelle began working as an EEO specialist and counselor with Job Corps. Michelle has also served as an advisor for at risk students, a successful grant writer for the Oceanside Boys and Girls Club (CA), and has developed programs such as “Gangbusters” that built partnerships with schools, courts, and law enforcement.

Michelle recently served as the Assistant Director in the Office of Institutional Equity at Kansas State University, where she investigated complaints of discrimination and harassment and provided training to the university community. She also taught an undergraduate class in the Department of American Ethnic Studies titled Racial and Ethnic Profiling in America, which the academic community received well. The training that Michelle provides to law enforcement looks at several factors such as the history of slavery in America, the U.S. constitutional amendments, and how bias can form the foundation of unfair policing practices. Participants will walk away with practical knowledge of working with communities.

About A.T.L.A.S. Certification Program:

In accordance with the University’s strategic plan to build an inclusive and supportive institutional environment, this training program serves as a means for UW Oshkosh employees to gain more insight into their compliance responsibilities pertaining to reporting, harassment and discrimination, while addressing social issues of cultural competency— self-reflection into personal biases that may be impacting their workplaces and classrooms.

Acknowledging and taking responsibility of our social responsibilities is not just a moral imperative, but a financial and reputational necessity. In higher education making biased decisions affects the recruitment and selection of staff and students, the ability of staff and students to reach their full potential, and progression of their professional and academic careers. Our collective responsibility in ensuring that our academic programs and campus environment welcome and protect everyone who works, learns, and grows at UWO hinges upon an employee base that is trained on the contributions each individual brings.

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